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Yesterday, on July 5th, 4 of the "sisters" travelled to Corydon.  We welcomed a "new member", Shirley New from Ohio, who is Linda Morrow's dear biological sister and our red hat sister!  :=)

We met at my house where we got a picture before we left.
This bush was here when we movd in and it has grown over the years and is just beautiful when it blooms.  I know the name of it...but I always keep forgetting what it is. 

I was the driver this time.  Not such a big deal.....but to ME, it's a huge deal!  Let me tell you why!  I love to drive, but until recent years I was scared to drive on the interstate.  Then I began driving I-65 to my doctors last year and got more and more comfortable with driving the interstate.  I volunteered to drive as long as the girls helped me with the way there, as I had never been.  I actually had to get on 3 different highways...that's HUGE for me.  LOL!  I know to people who do this all the time it is no big deal.  But, I was pretty proud of myself!  :=)  Now, city driving...forget it...I don't think I'll ever be ready for that!  I got us there and back safe and sound!  :=)

One thing....from the time we got into the car and headed away from my house, I had this feeling that I forgot something!  I even remarked that I felt like I was forgetting something and hoped it wasn't important.  Have you ever had that feeling?  And, as it turned out...every time I get that feeling, I am forgetting something!  Down the highway it hit me!

I forgot to switch my shoes to the purple pair I had planned to wear.  Crap!  Oh well, don't sweat the small stuff, right?  LOL!  Still shows that my gut is working though!  :=)

We arrived safe and sound, even with me driving....I had 3 good navigators, plus Linda brought her GPS!

Summertime is a hard time for some to get together with committments and all...but us 4 had a great time getting to explore Corydon, Indiana....which used to be our State Capitol before it moved to Indianapolis. 

Lots of history to explore there!

The first thing we did was check in at the Visitor's Center, where a nice lady told of us some highlights to visit.  Aren't these two sisters just too cute!  They sure do resemble each other!

Martha and I took a little rest on the.....

There were shops to visit....

...and history to check out...Hey wait, where's out heads?  Ok, Linda Lu, you are fired as our photographer!  LOL!
Much, much better Shirley!  You're hired!  :=)
This was captured in WWI...pretty neat piece of history!
I hated history in school....but love it now!  I guess I just had to get older to appreciate it!

We stopped in at this most awesome Bed and Breakfast.  Martha had been at Corydon before...the rest of us had never visited there...and she showed us this B&B  that she stayed in on her previous girlfriend visit.  It was such an awesome B&B and I'm thinking Larry and I may go spend a night there in a couple of weeks.  He is on vacation and we never go anywhere, so I'm encouraging him to go SOMEWHERE.  He doesn't want to go far, but I think there's several places right here in Indiana he could enjoy and I think he'd love the history in this area!  So, I checked out the rooms to see if we'd like to stay there.

So, they let us head upstairs to check out the rooms.  There are rooms on 3 levels...I think a total of 15 rooms and each one of them was fantastic!

Look at the beds in this room!  Of course Larry and I won't need two beds, but it would also be a great girlfriend trip sometime.
And you know me...I couldn't resist!  :=)

And none of us could resist this!  :=)

And check out this claw-foot bathtub!
Splish-slash, I was takin' a bath!!!!

Each room had it's own unique features with it's own bathroom.  Some rooms had beautiful quilts that we sure admired!

And Linda and I found these rockers in this room!

At this point, we all decided we were hungry and headed off to Leavenworth, Indiana...about 10 miles up the road.... eat at the Overlook Restaurant.

Look at the awesome view from our table....overlooking the Ohio River!  I think Linda is day dreaming about....hmmmm.....her feller she left back at home-Harold!  :=)

And while Linda day-dreams, here sister is ready to dig in!

After lunch we grabbed some kind soul and she took a picture of us all together.  Then we were all ready to get back in that air-conditioned car and head back to Corydon!

Back in Corydon, we drove out to meet this gentleman where he makes glass items....paperweights, ornaments, all kinds of things.  He was very nice and we chatted with him for a bit.  He is the 4th generation to run this family business and he spoke of the orders he gets and has a hard time keeping up with, especially at he's the only one producing these hand-made items.  I was really fascinated listening to him tell about his business and school field trips to visit him.  It was obvious that he was proud of his craft and his family business heritage.  We would have stayed longer and watched him, but quite frankly, IT WAS HOT!!!!

So, we headed back to town and checked out a couple more stores.  One store was a little boutique kind of store, which Martha and I have really come to love!  We both found something to purchase there.  And then it was time to go find some ice cream before heading home!

While Shirley and Martha enjoyd their cute little cups of ice cream.....

....Linda and I pigged out on our huge banana splits....LOL! wonder I'm putting on weight.  I love ice cream too much!

And Linda enjoyed her's just as much!  :=) 
Hey, life's too short to deprive yourself...right?

Then Martha said we needed to pick out our 10/$1.00 old time candy, so I did!

And as I paid for my old time candy....I realized I was the only one who was buying some.  LOL!  I thought we were all getting a little bag of it!  It was Martha's idea and she didn't even get any...what's up with that?

It was a neat little ice cream/candy shop and we loved this old fashioned Coca Cola cooler!

Then it was time to head home.  It was 108 degrees on one of the banks and we were all HOT and EXHAUSTED! 
But, in spite of the heat, as we drove away, Martha showed the look of satisfaction of another Red Hatter travel being a huge success!  We had a great day!  And we all gave thanks for an air-conditioned car...LOL!

Until next time....check out the history in our great country that may be in your neck of the woods.  History can actually be FUN!  Who knew?  LOL!

Queen Cindy

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