Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well, today the "sisterhood" headed to Brown County to visit the Farmhouse Cafe and Tea Room for lunch!
But before we even got out of town, we had to visit our recycling center here in town..... Linda Lu could drop off her jugs!  Then we were on our way!  Several of the "sisters" couldn't make it today, so Linda, I, Martha, and Allene were the only ones headed out of Seymour, and Ami and her mom, Julia, from Mooresville, were to meet us there. 

We arrived a little after 12....had reservations at 1.

Not knowing how long it would take us to get there, since none of us had ever been there.....we allowed plenty of time and actually got there an hour ahead of our lunch time, so we had plenty of time to look around at the flowers....and lots of time for photo ops.  I'm always looking for photo ops and the sisters are always ready to humor!

Being a professinal "flocker" I was immediately drawn to these beauties!
And Linda kinda liked them too!

Then I spotted this beautiful purple bench that was "fit for a queen"!

We ended up finding many of these benches in many different colors.
OOOH, looks like there's a couple of ghosts behind you guys!!!!!

   We all decided that Allene's husband needs to make us one!!!  I wonder if she's informed him of that yet!  I'd like to get mine before the summer is!

There were beautiful flowers everywhere, as well as some old buildings full of antiques and things to buy.

We looked more than we bought...lots cheaper!

Linda and Allene went shopping for a new davenport!  Not sure which one was needing! 
Must have been Allene because I saw Linda checking out this birdhouse later!
Martha found her a wagon wheel......and.....  Well, I found me a perfect pitch fork...some would say I need!

Oh, and a!

We just loved walking around all of the beautiful flowers ......

.....and there seemed there was always a bench closeby to rest....

and when there wasn't....

We found other places to plant our....uh.....

......take the load off our feet!

And when all else failed....
Vice-Queen, Martha, was happy to pull me are definate advantages to being "THE QUEEN"!  :=)

Time to eat...yay!!!

So we headed up to the Farmhouse for lunch!

The atmosphere was great....calm, relaxing and just what you would expect in Brown County!

It was our first time to try lemonade with milk and ginger ale in it!  We just couldn't imagine what that would taste like, so we got a small "sample" before we decided to order it.  Oh my, I'd never had lemonade that delicious!  We loved the different colored glasses they served our drinks in, as well as different plates for our food.  We even had different chairs!  Made things interesting!  Seemed "homey"!

And look at this BEAUTIFUL chandelier!  I had never seen anything like it!  "Some" (who shall remain nameless at this time) thought it was gawdy....but I said it was "fit for a queen".  LOL!

Ami had a meeting that morning, but she and her mom, Julia, managed to make it there in time for lunch with us!  This was their first time to be able to make it to one of our outings.  Ami is just a "baby"...hence, the pink hat.  But, her mom is a young 85 year old!  I hope I'm still going that good at 85!

Just finishing up lunch......

Then we headed outside to show Ami and Julia the beautiful flowers....

And the nifty benches we loved so much!
I think Ami loved them just as much as we did!

And the neat old buildings filled with gifts and antiques.

And Julia was inspired by this concrete angel to spread her wings!

Then it was time to head home, so Allene and Linda headed to get the car and we waited..... hitch a ride from them!  Thankfully, they picked us!

We all encourage you to check out the Farmhouse Cafe and Tea Room if you live in the area....
We had to pass through Nashville, Indiana as we headed home and we originally had planned to stop there and check out some of the little shops, but it was much later than we had we decided to head on home. we were driving through Nashville....

I spotted this purple dress on the porch of one of the shops and just had to go check it!  Being broke, this is the best I could do!  Oh, but I want that dress!!!!

And stopping to see that dress lead to......
Ice cream!!!!  I guess we all forgot we had just had dessert at the Farmhouse!  Well, except me....the extra ice cream just didn't fit into my!  The others, though, pigged out!   LOL!

And before we got out of that town....I'll be darned if.....
Allene didn't find her a!

We had a great day!  The weather was beautiful, the flowers were beautiful, and the atmosphere was beautiful!  So, until next time...
And always remember.........

Next month....Corydon, Indiana!
Queen Cindy

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